Some of the world’s most ancient civilizations come from the Middle East, where Syria is located.  The world’s earliest farmers started growing food there. One of the earliest forms of writing comes from the area.  The country that’s now called Syria has had many names in the past. And its frontiers have changed a lot. Today in Syria, 90% of its population speaks Arabic.

Civil war broke out in 2011. A war that has destroyed many of Syria’s cities. Tia, like 11 million other Syrians, got pushed out of her home by the war. That’s half the country’s population. Many live in refugee camps. Others, like Tia and her family, sought refuge in countries like Canada.

While they have lost their homes in their country of birth, Syrians have not lost their traditions surrounding  food, culture, and stories.

Ever heard of a souq?  Know what Syrian kids LOVE to play all day? Explore the videos to learn a bit about Syrian culture, as described by Marie Moucadem. Marie taught grade school in Syria before moving to Québec in 1996. She loves sharing stories about Syrian life and culture whenever she can.

Designed by Taqqut Productions Inc. Artwork by Germaine Arnaktauyok.

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