No one’s around. But you hear something… A whisper of a laugh. A hint of footsteps. Faint echoes of conversations. You look around and you think you’ve spotted something. Or someone. But as soon as you look, its shadow vanishes before you can tell what it is. These are all hints that the Taqriaqsuit are around and might even be watching you. In English, we call the Taqriaqsuit  the “Shadow People”. They live in a place just like ours. It’s a parallel place.  We can’t see it. Or them. These magical beings slip in and out of our world.  That’s when you might detect, or sense, them: when they’re here with us. If you pay enough attention. But not too much attention.

The trick is to look at them from the corner of your eye. If you try to look at them directly, they vanish, their shadows melting into the ground. They’re very shy. The only time you can fully see a Taqriaqsuk is when one of them dies. Then, his, or her, body becomes visible.

If you want to learn about more Inuit legends, you can visit this site: www.inuitmyths.com

In this video, Lucy remembers a time when she was little and the Taqriaqsuit visited her campsite.





Designed by Taqqut Productions Inc. Artwork by Germaine Arnaktauyok.

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