ᐃᓄᐃᑦ means “Inuit”. In English, Inuit means “the people”.  Inuit girls and boys live on top of the northern world. Literally: their homes can be found in the circumpolar regions of Canada, the United States, Greenland and in Russia. See a map here.  

The Inuit who are closer to the Arctic Pole live in remote places with snow-filled horizons and almost no trees.  But that’s not the whole picture: the Inuit live over a really large area that includes the tundra and where summers can get as hot as 30°C.  But it’s also true that the closer you go towards the North Pole, the longer and colder the winters get – and you get to experience things like the midnight sun.

The Inuit share the North with some amazing animals–we all know about polar bears and seals. But there are wolves, all kinds of birds, whales, narwhals, lemmings and even a caterpillar called “the arctic woolly bear moth”. Read about the animals here.

How you get around this immense landscape  also varies and includes dog-sleds, bikes, snowmobiles, boats and SUVs.  In places such as Igloolik, you go to other villages by boat since everyone lives close to the ocean. Story-telling’s big in Inuit communities.  The film’s director, Lucy Tulugarjuk, shares some of her stories about growing up in Canada’s northern territory, Nunavut.





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